Mobile Website Development

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WAP SITE Development

The biggest trend to hit the online world is mobile web technology. What with smartphones becoming the next big thing, and a necessity for all professionals! Increasingly, company owners understand this growing trend in the market and have increasingly started offering websites targeted to the mobile web. Now the crux of the problem is that, company owners, want their websites to be “cool and happening”, so they load it up with all kinds of technological advancements but ultimately aren’t compatible with mobile handsets! So it’s important for the company owner to;

  • Make a WAP site which is completely independent site only for mobile users


  • Customize the website for mobile users.

The best parts about the WAP site are;

  • Quicker to load data
  • Site opens quickly
  • Instant gratification to consumer
  • Images appear quickly
  • Definitely makes the user come back for more!

Since 3G penetration is very low and growth is stagnant, future seems bleak. Another important aspect for a mobile WAP site is that, mobile sites are to the point, besides an I-phone every other phone has small screens, content should be crisp and talk in minimilastic language. That’s it. Your mobile site has to be of use, without trying too hard.