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73% of visitors will leave an ecommerce site if they don’t find the products they are looking for, and 36% of them wouldn’t bother returning, terms a popular survey by

Search technology basically makes users of your website :

  • More efficient in discovering the information at a faster rate.
  • Navigate in the shortest possible time thus helping reduce the drop-off rate.
  • Prefer to use search technologies for search, rather than actually navigating sites, that saves them time.

When it comes to search, there are several technologies that enable search tool to work effectively for your business. The ones of prime importance are:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In the SEO scheme of things, you need to have relevant words or phrases that are present in your website, that help your website to pop up when your target group enters those words in the search engine. We’re clever with words, we optimize your page that your target group will no-doubtedly have access to your website, whether you like it, of course you’ll like it.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In SEM, the aim is to promote your website on the search engine result pages, we know how to use the right keywords that target the right searchers and eventually get conversions to your website. When you gain visibility in terms of this audience that actually clicks your website when it pops up on the search engine results, that’s when you know you’ve achieved the ROI for your marketing investment.

SO what’s special about us? We love your money….to stay in your pocket. We want savings for you. Basically, unlike other agencies who take SEO as a separate project and charge chunks of money, we do ON-SITE SEO, which is basic optimization of your website, when your site goes LIVE the first time. So you’re website is searchable from Day One. How’s that for saving money?