Web/WAP Analytics

Analytics has been moved beyond just knowing visitors movement. We look at it as a tool to plan next quarter of your website.

a.k.a.The People Magnets

A web analytics tool is primarily used to monitor and measure the interaction between the visitors and the website. It helps measure marketing initiatives and how efficient has the advertising campaign been in attracting visitors to the site.

There are a numerous web analytics solution providers on the internet today, like Omniture, Webtrends, Clickable, Mint, Yahoo Analytics, Piwik, Unica, Woopra and of course Google Analytics. We select the web analytics platform that best suits your business needs in acquiring information on not just page views and counting site visitors but interpreting what the tool throws up as data, the actual analysis and measuring of the marketing efforts on traffic and visitors.

We can assist you in setting up Google analytics for your website, link it to

  • AdWords campaigns
  • Track the conversions
  • Pages where the visitor hovers longer and thus enhance that page which could lead to more conversions
  • Tracking even onsite search and events in your site
  • Making you use the Google analytics package comprehensively

So if you’re unaware or do not know which web analytical solution to go for, we can suggest you the one that fits the size of your website, If you’d like to track the specific user activity within your web pages and measure the videos watched, pdfs clicked/downloaded. A web-analytical solution would help you with all this, but to enable you to customize the tracking, know what is being captured, interpreting that data. You need an expert. That’s where we come in. And we’re good.

WAP Analytics (a.k.a. mobile analytics)

For mobile website owners, it is important for them to know which device did the user use to visit the website or the app, what operating system was used (Android 2.1, iPhone OS 4.0), How long was the unique user using the app, what aspects or features of the mobile app are frequently used, or what aspect of the website gets frequent hits (Maybe on additional enhancement, we can generate more hits?), on what handset is my app or mobile site not compatible with, which country users frequent my app/website?